Founded in 2020, Miyaa mart currently operates around West & East of Malaysia.

Miyaa mart is a part of our main online platform called Miyaa E Mall under registered number
202003104039 ( JM0935293-P ) .

Miyaa Mart provides opportunity for thousands of sellers and millions of customer to connect each other through our platform module B2B & B2C to browse, shop and sell the product in an easy and secure way.

Miyaa promotion plan

MiyaaMart promote sales in 2 different ways:

1. Via Miyaa Magic Member Card (MMMC) where customers can make an offline purchases , by walk in to our registered sellers shop directly and with,

2. Via Miyaa Magic Member Bonus (MMMB) where customers get a cashback bonus for every online purchase

Through this method Miyaa Mart creates a vast customer base for our sellers.

Miyaa Mart provide a cashback bonus range from 5% – 30% from our net profit to our users.

MMMB & MMMC is a bonus plan by MiyaaMart for users who introduce more than 1 users or sellers who introduce more than 1 sellers . This bonus is provided as a bonus point frm company’s net profit . Bonus Point cannot be redeem as cash , however can be used to purchase products from Miyaa Mart platform.

Courier service is decided by sellers and the product tracking progress can be viewed by customers, sellers and Miyaa.

PAYMENT METHOD: Every payment transaction is under payment gateway MOL PAY

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