Anlene Gold 5x 600g


Safety Information
All Anlene products are not suitable for vegetarians (contains collagen).

Not suitable for infant and children. Anlene milk products are intended for adults (19+) of all ages who want to improve their total mobility by taking care of their bones, joints and muscles.

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As we age, moving might feel harder. Our bones, joints and muscles may become weaker and affect our strength and flexibility to perform daily activities.
Anlene Gold 5x™ is a scientifically formulated with milk powder, which comes with MFGM Active™ and has no added sugars. Study* showed that participants who consumed 2 glasses of milk added with MFGM & important nutrients plus regular exercises had 2x the improvement in flexibility, 3x the improvement in balance and 40% more improvement in muscle mass.

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Country of Origin – New Zealand

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