Drypers Drypantz Disposable Diaper Pants M 6-12kg 60 + Free 8pcs


Crawl fit, Cushion absorb+, No leak is possible when it fits
CAUTION: Plastic bags and DRYPERS® are not toys. To avoid suffocation or choking do not allow children to play with them.

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Product Description

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New CushionAbsorb+™ with soft new lilac layer that absorbs quickly and distributes evenly. It effectively locks in urine, keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

Leak Guards
Gently hugs your baby’s legs to ensure the best fit for your baby while preventing leakages.

Your baby is most likely crawling or moving on all fours now. New CrawlFit™ design has exceptionally soft waist and leg elastics that hug and follow your baby’s curves and movements, allowing full flexibility and protection against leaks. The ideal fit for happy playtime!

Easy Disposal Tape
Cleanly wraps in pee and poo when disposing – less mess, less smell!

Self-Cool Cover™
Naturally releases heat and moisture through micro-pores, with 100% breathable cover that allows air circulation to keep baby’s skin cool and dry, even during hot weather!

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Other Information

Top Sheet – Non Woven;
Absorbent Pad – Pulp and SAP (Polymer);
Back Sheet – Non Woven and Polyethylene Film;
Elastic – Natural Rubber / Spandex;
Construction – Hot Melt Adhesive;
Tape – Polyolefin.

Preparation and Storage

Preparation and Usage

How to wear
Easy to Wear
Put them on just like pants with the Easy Disposal Tape at the back. Make sure the legs and waist areas are fitted and not folded to prevent leakage.

How to remove & dispose
1 Easy to Take Off
Removal is easy even when soiled. Just tear seams on both sides and remove.
2 Easy to Dispose
Roll up, pull out & seal firmly with the Easy Disposal Tape. Discard in wastebin; do not dispose it into the toilet.

Wear the diaper with the Easy Disposal Tape at the Back.

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