Kotex Natural Care Anti Bacteria Maxi Wing 24cm 3 x 16s


Ditch the itch and period odor with the all new Kotex Anti-Bacteria with Odor Care pads!

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Kotex® Anti-Bacteria with Odor care super-absorbent pad contains Daun Sirih extract and Anti-Bacteria layer that helps prevent up to 99% growth of bad bacteria and control unpleasant odor.

1. Anti-Bacterial Protection – Prevents up to 99% Bacteria growth
2. Odor-Care – Contains natural ingredients derived from essential oils.
3. Rapid Absorb Core – Helps absorb sudden gushes
4. Micro-Dry Cover – With more than 3,000 micro holes for faster absorption
5. Anti-leak Channels – Deep channels for all-round protection from leaks.

Other Information

1. Non-woven layers
2. Cellulose pulp (fluff)
3. Backsheet (PE film)
4. Adhesives
5. Release paper (silicon coated peel strips)
6. Top Sheet

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Country of Origin – Malaysia

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days from Malaysia


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