Kotex Overnight Panties S-M 2s


Experience worry-free sleep with Kotex Overnight Panties 360° anti-leakage protection

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Kotex® Overnight Panties is a disposable period panty, designed to give you a better night’s sleep in any position with our innovative 360° anti-leakage protection.

1. Super Absorbent 3D Design – Long absorbent core with flexible three dimensional design to fully fit body and helps prevent side and back leakage.
2. Panty-like fit – Combines panty and sanitary napkin in one.
4. Soft and breathable – Made of cottony-soft material just like a cotton underwear.

Other Information

1. Non-woven layers
2. Cellulose pulp (fluff)
3. Backsheet (PE film)
4. Adhesives
5. Release paper (silicon coated peel strips)
6. Top Sheet

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Country of Origin – Malaysia

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days from Malaysia


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