Kotex Total Protection Overnight Wing 32cm 24s


Kotex Total Protection helps provide up to 100% no back leaks during heavy flow nights!

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Kotex® Total Protection pads – Embrace all-round protection against heavy flow and sudden gushes. With revolutionary Rise-up guard features that helps prevent up to 100% no back leaks*, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected throughout the night.

*Based on internal lab test for 35cm and 41cm

1. Back Rise-up guards – Upon contact with fluid, the back guards will gently rise to fit closer to your body, forming protective barriers from the back.
2. Rapid absorb core – Absorb sudden gushes effectively with super absorbent center funnel.
3. Side cushion guards – Prevent side leakages with soft side barriers.
4. Longer & wider back wings – Provides up to 50% wider^ back protection coverage.

Other Information

1. Non-woven layers
2. Cellulose pulp (fluff)
3. Backsheet (PE film)
4. Adhesives
5. Release paper (silicon coated peel strips)
6. Top Sheet

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Country of Origin – Malaysia

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days from Malaysia


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