Sofy Body Fit Maxi Long Non Wing 26cm 3 Packs x 18 Pads


Heavy flow, Cottony soft, New Japan tech!
Safety Information
Stop using if irritation occurs.

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Product Description

Product Marketing

Quick Absorb Pores for 2x Drier^ Surface!
Absorbs faster and leaves surface 2 times drier^, skin feels fresh & less sticky even during heavy flow
^compared to our previous products

Superior Absorption with Comfortable Thickness
Maxi absorption with less bulky discomfort caused by thick napkin

Anti-Leak Press Line
Double Anti-Leak press line prevent flow from reaching the edges

Cottony Soft Sheet

Brand Marketing

No. 1* Brand in Japan
*Intage SRI, Total Sanitary Napkin series category accumulated sales value, Jan’11 – Dec’18.

Other Information

Material: Pulp, Nonwoven fabric, Polyethylene film, Paper, Hot melt adhesive, Sodium polyacrylate

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